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BreakUp Ritual

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Is your ex with someone else instead of being with you? Do you see someone is in a relationship which they are not happy in? Do you want to help someone get out of a bad relationship? Curious on how this is possible ? With decades of practice, I have honed telepathic skills which allow me to implant thoughts in the minds couples no matter where they are in the globe. Through precise analysis of their energy waves I can ascertain which message will have the greatest effect to break the relationship to break. Then I implant thoughts thoughts in their mind which lead to fights, distrust and eventually a breakup. 

Please note that I will not break a happy healthy relationship, so I reserve the right to not perform the spell and refund your money if the couple is compatible with each other. 


• Select the duration of the spell while ordering. Longest duration has most impact • In the personalization box, please fill out the required information

• Within 48 hours, I will start casting your spell and provide you with an update that your spell has been cast along with information on how it will work HIGHLIGHTS

• All information shared is completely confidential since that is paramount.

  • Has worked for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe 

• How long it takes to manifest will vary from situation to situation 

• The target will never know that they are under a spell.

This is not a physical product, nothing will be mailed to you, results of candle work and results will be recorded and emailed to you, please leave all personal and custom information in notes on checkout such as:

Names and Date of birth of Couple if known, photos, etc… If you have personal they can be shipped to, Haus Of Shanel or emailed to

In case of any questions feel free to reach out.