Find you a lover , Romance Ritual, binding love Ritual

Find you a lover , Romance Ritual, binding love Ritual

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Want a lover?

This ritual will draw you a partner who will love you, treat you right and is meant for you. If your in a existing relationship this will make your partner find you even more attractive and lustful than before. If you have your eye on someone I can bind them to you so they’ll never stop think of you (please message beforehand) !

I do these rituals on Friday’s to draw in the energy of Venus, I use a combination of powerful love herbs grown out of my garden, extremely powerful love oil I made and the use of candle magick to complete it.

For this ritual I will need your full name, date of birth, and intention/ target for this ritual. I will then dress the candle with herbs, oils, and your details. Give offerings to spirits. If it’s to bind a person to you I will tie a 2 candles together one for both of you so you’ll be together like glue ! Leave in notes in checkout or simply message me

I will message you directly with pictures of your candle post-ritual.

My beautiful spirits have been incredibly generous with their assistance thus far as many have witnessed for themselves



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