Oshun Orisha Offering Candle

Oshun Orisha Offering Candle

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Oshun (Ochun) is the embodiment of wealth, abundance, beauty, love and romance and magickal knowledge. She governs things that flow: love, water, honey, wealth, etc. Petition Oshun for fertility, wealth, employment, beauty and love. She may be the daughter or sister of Yemaya so, they are extremely compatible and may be honored together. You may also offer her honey, cinnamon, citrine, yellow flowers, yellow squash, peacock feathers and small mirrors.

Working with and honoring deities is a basic Pagan practice. As such, bringing offerings to them is a time-honored tradition. With 30+ hours of burn time, you will be able to honor Oshun an hour a day, every day for a month or more, if you so choose!

*Kindly note that due to the unique nature of hand-made goods and the availability of materials, adornments, ingredients and colors may vary from those shown. But know that each candle will be equally beautiful and perfectly appropriate for each entity


All of our conjure oils and Candles are sold as curios only. We make no claims and offer no guarantees. Conjure, rootwork, or magic is personal and unique to the individual seeking to tap into the energy flow of the universe. You only get out of it what you put in. We are simply providing tools to help you direct the energy you already have inside of yourself. Comes with (1) small mirror charm in candle (2) is shown