Yemaya Candle Goddess of The Ocean ,Yoruba, The Orishas
Yemaya Candle Goddess of The Ocean ,Yoruba, The Orishas

Yemaya Candle Goddess of The Ocean ,Yoruba, The Orishas

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Whether manifesting as woman or mermaid, Yemaya is  spectacularly beautiful. She can be sexually provocative with a rolling, hip-swaying walk that evokes the sea. Her traditional costume includes seven skirts, that represents the seven seas. Her hair, clothes, and body may be ornamented with crystals, pearls, coral, or tiny bells.

Dressed & blessed candles are prepared with prayers, spiritual oils, herbs, glitter, and other items.

Yemaya is the celestial mother of all living things, the queen of heaven, earth and all waters. She resides in the ocean and her children are countless like the fishes in the sea. Like the ocean tides, Yemaya is a calming ebb of mystery, the energy of the waves that rejuvenates life. The rhythmic movements of water and hushing quiet of water to sand seems to melt one into reflection and serenity.

Yemaya is the mother of many of the other Orishas as well. In addition to being a loving mother she is a fierce protectress. She can fight with a machete and bathe in the blood of her enemies. Yemaya is often depicted as a voluptuous black woman with full breasts dressed in blue. Her colors are blue and clear. Yemaya’s number is 7. Yemaya can help to make your life more stable and offer you security. She is the mother of all, so she is often called upon when women are seeking children or have fertility issues. Job, money, home, lasting love, and family.



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