Break-Up Oil
Break-Up Oil

Break-Up Oil

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Do you need to get out of a bad relationship or situation? Our Break Up oil can be used to extinguish a relationship of any kind, either with yourself or between other couples. This Oil can be used for cheating spouses, love affairs, to stop infidelity, ruin a love affair, relationships or break up a couple. It can cause disharmony, arguments, and ill feelings between two people.


This Break-Up Oil can also be known as Separation Oil is to create strife, conflicts, discord, and separations among others, particularly in a romantic couple. Its most common uses have been in romantic contexts, especially for the purpose of breaking up love relationships. Despite this, it is often employed to dissemble business partnerships, institutional organizations, platonic friendships, and other such associations.

Benefit Summary:

  • Accomplishing final separation from undesirable responsibilities
  • Separate the people with which you desire no further association
  • Made with all-natural and magical ingredients 
  • Take a piece of parchment paper and write the name of the person
  • Also used to break up bad habits


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