Curse / Hex Cleansing Removal Ritual

Curse / Hex Cleansing Removal Ritual

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This Ritual is designed to banish all destructive auras, hexes, curses, stress, anxiety and general feelings of misery from the person/s it is cast on. If you frequently feel low with no explanation or suffer from continuous bouts of bad luck and misfortune then it's likely you have been cursed and therefore this casting is perfect for you!

Upon purchase, I'll require your full name and DOB (date of birth) so I can begin casting! Please email to

If you have any questions about this casting or any other spell related questions please don't hesitate to contact me as I am more than willing to assess your situation and find the right casting to fit your needs :)

This casting uses white magic and therefore there is a guarantee of no bad karma or other negative effects. I use a mixture of candle and herb burning, energy redirection and spoken word spells.

To begin I will need your full name, DOB, If you have any photos of yourself or your target then that would also be helpful although is not absolutely necessary.

Due to liability, I will not complete this casting on anybody under the age of 18.

I come from a long line of spiritual healers who like myself  is a spiritual healer, psychic medium and empath!