Super Money Ritual

Super Money Ritual

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This is the ritual you NEED if, you’ve been struggling financially, looking for a new job, have a poverty mindset, money troubles, made mistakes with money in the past, looking for new opportunities, gamblers, looking for investors and much more.

I perform a prosperity service for myself and 5-25 clients every Thursday which I am opening up to anyone who would like to join.

I chose Thursday to perform this spell for good fortune, health, and prosperity as it is ruled by Jupiter, which governs the long term accumulation and preservation of wealth.

Help you find a job
Unexpected money
A promotion at work
More luck with gambling
Investments paying off
A new business taking off
Increased sales
Or anything else you can name!

During this service I will inscribe your name , your desire and date of birth on a chime candle (you’ll need to send me that info and a photo so I can imagine wealth entering your life) and burn it in your honor as I ask the spirits to bless you. I also make an offering to spirit on your behalf.

The service takes about 5-7 days to kick in ! If you had plans to gamble I recommend doing a week after service.


My beautiful spirits have been incredibly generous with their assistance thus far as many have witnessed for themselves



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LEGAL NOTICE: All spells and readings are intended for reigious and or entertainment and spiritual purposes only. There are no guarantees for any specific outcome. I issue no refunds so please read prior to buying. I perform spells and use my skills to do so, the Universe decides whether to give it to you or not. I accept no responsibility for the choices the client makes with information given in any spell or the outcome. Spells and readings are not intended as substitutes for professional counseling or medical services.