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Uncrossing Candle Fixin' Blend

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Uncrossing spells are those that are intended to reverse the effects of a negative spiritual attack, which is referred to as being “crossed” in hoodoo. When you uncross a person, you are restoring that person to his or her natural state of being. You are cleansing that person of negativity so that any bad luck or illness that they experience as a result of being crossed is removed. Designed as a versatile blend of herbs, roots, minerals, powders and oils for fixing candles for spell-work, Haus Of Shanel Uncrossing Candle Fixin' Blend is used by folk magic practitioners to fix candles, dress job applications, petitions, amulets, and talismans, and add to mojo bags, gris gris, and to fix and stuff doll babies. Excellent when used in combination with Haus Of Shanel UnHex Candle , Jinx Removing Candle, and  Conjure Oils.