Candle Instructions

Candle Instructions

Preparing Your Fixed Candle:
There is tons of magic and spell casting, and candle magic is by far one of the simplest and powerful forms of magic out there. To do a proper burning for your fixed candle, follow these directions.

First, you want to cleanse your candle, your space and yourself. I advise a spiritual bath with a dash of Florida water. While you are cleansing yourself, I strongly advise to talk to your spirits and ask them for favor in your working. Make sure it is okay to move forward and only do so when they say to do it. Once you are cleansed, it is time to cleanse your candle. Do this by gently rubbing a small amount of Florida water along the outside of your candle and the base of the container as well. Just reminder that these candles have been created, charged, fixed and made to order, so you will not have to do too much, but for those that want to be sure, charge your candle before lighting. You may use a selenite wand and let the candle sit at your altar overnight. Otherwise proceed as normal

Once you and your candle are cleansed, it is time to cleanse your space. Burn Palo Santo, any Resin of your liking and/or Smudge for several minutes or until you sense all of the energy from previous burnings/spell work has been removed. Once this has been done, set your candle on a solid, flat, stable and heat-resistant surface such as your altar. Be advised that wherever your candle is, it should be in well-ventilated space with no strong drafts. More importantly, make note that this space is in YOUR own space that is only accessible to you. No one should be able to go near your space (not even your pets if you have any) for you do not know the energies or intentions of others, thus you do not want it mixing into your candle. The candle should be placed on top of your petition, however; if the petition paper is a bit thick and may make the candle sit unevenly, then sit the candle on the solid surface and set the petition on front of it. On this altar, provide an offering to spirit for your candle, adding a glass of water since it is a conduit for the spirits. You can also add other offerings. Depending on spirits, you may offer candies, baked goods, monies, wine, tobacco, etc. No matter the offering, offer it with gratitude

After, you want to write out your petition. Be very specific as to exactly what it is you want. Remember, there is balance in the universe and it’s all about give and take, so be sure you know what you are giving in order to manifest and receive what you want. Write your petition on a piece of parchment paper or a piece of brown paper bag and sign your name and birthdate to it . Write your petition as if what you want to manifest has already happened—“I have tons of money” rather than “I need to have tons of money”. Fold the paper towards you 3 times and set it on your altar where your candle will be. This is a very important step so take time to do this. Do not rush through it and ask spirit for guidance along the way.

Burning Your Fixed Candle:
Now it’s time to light your candle. Light the wick and sit with the candle for a few minutes. Talk to the candle for this is your personal spirit to manifest your desire. Give it nothing but positive intentions, affirmations and vibes. More importantly, make sure it is burning properly and thank spirit before leaving. Your candle will burn approximately 4-6 days depending on environment of your altar. Protect your magic and work and never expose it to anyone or anything. I even advise to not post it on social media for you never know who is looking. Sit and talk to your candle and spirit daily, again giving it positive affirmations. Give more offerings when you see synchronicities and positive changes in your life from your petition.

The magic works best if you keep the candle burning continuously without any interruptions. If you have to put the flame out, ALWAYS use a snuffer and snuff the flame out. NEVER blow it out. Because this is your space, house, and magic, use your senses wisely and do what you see fit. When you relight the wick, make sure you are cleansed and speak to your candle and spirit before relighting the flame. Give more/new offering and more/new clean water. 

When the candle is burned out, thank your spirits for the work they’ve done and dispose of the candle and offerings. Depending on the work being done disposal of your candle can be done by various ways:
Road Opener: Bury at the crossroads
Protection: Bury it in your front yard
Cut and Clear/Banishment: Bury at a graveyard
Money/Success: Leave or bury at a bank or financial institution
Love/Come To Me: Leave it at a church
When in doubt dispose of candle on hallowed ground. Alternatively you may cleanse the used candle with holy water and dispose of in the trash away from your home, but this method is not recommended.
Best Days for Spell Work:
Monday: (the Moon) - family, kids, spirituality, psychic skills, dreams, female energy, fertility
Tuesday: (Mars) - energy, action, independence, conquering obstacles, dealing with conflict
Wednesday: (Mercury) - creativity, communication, knowledge, jobs, career, education
Thursday: (Jupiter) - wealth, finances, business, legal matters
Friday: (Venus) - love, romance, relationships, family, marriage, social status, sexuality
Saturday: (Saturn) - protection, discipline, overcoming habits, banishing, binding, meditation
Sunday: (the Sun) - general success, abundance, strength, accomplishment, happiness, health

                                         CANDLE CARE

To ensure you get the most out of your candle, and to make sure you are burning your candle safely, please adhere to the following candle care instructions:


✨ When lighting your candle for the first time, it is recommended to let it burn for at least two hours to form a proper melt pool and prevent tunneling 

✨ Always trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting and to not leave wick trimmings in the wax. You can purchase wick trimmers here

✨ Only burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time. Allow candle to solidify completely before moving or re-lighting it

✨ Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Burn on a heat-resistant surface away from anything that may catch fire

✨ Since many of our candles contain dried herbs, flowers and/or crystals, keep an extra close eye on them as some toppings may catch fire. It is recommended to remove all large flower buds and crystals before burning

✨ Stop burning and discard your candle when there is about 1/2 inch of wax left. You can purchase candle warmers online so you can still make use of that last bit of wax! (We are hoping to be able to add them to the shop very soon)

If you have any questions or concerns about candle safety, please do not hesitate to email us at or message us on Facebook.