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HotFoot Magical Powder

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Hot Foot Powder is well known in folk magick; it banishes unwanted people.. Hot Foot Powder is excellent when wanting to get enemies off your back, such as nasty neighbors, abusive exes, trifling bitches, or any other cosmic forces or situations in which negativity affects you.

You may also use it for candle magick or foot track rituals. This is a harmless way for users to rid themselves of negative peopleThis item is made from a very old and traditional Hoodoo recipe that will drive unwanted people out of your life IN A HURRY, without causing them physical harm. It is used effectively in situations such as bothersome neighbors, renters or unwelcome guests, ex partners that just won’t go away, bullies, co workers, etc. Essentially, anyone that needs to exit your life NOW! Traditionally it is used in foot traffic magic, however can placed discreetly on their person (like inside a jacket or purse ), under their desk or chair where their feet will touch it, near the drivers side of their car, or door entryway. You only need a pinch or two to be effective, so can easily be done discreetly. It can also be applied to petition papers and to dress candles. Just please make sure not to get it on yourself, wear disposable gloves when using, and keep away from children and pets. If using on candles please do not leave unattended as it contains sulphur and it can burn quickly. Hot Foot workings have well stood the test of time and are very effective. For that reason, please do not use indiscriminately.

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