Shut up  or Suffer Oil/ Hex Destruction

Shut up or Suffer Oil/ Hex Destruction

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I am such a fan of giving people options. I truly am. That is why this oil will only harm the intended if they continue to tarnish your name. This oil goes DEEP. Let me just tell you that if you are the type to have regrets completely bypass this oil.

This oils intentions are to f'k up the intended target's world to the point they won't have the time nor the mental capacity to even think about you. This oil is all about justice and just rewards. The target will feel no pain, will lose nothing, if they simply leave you alone. If they choose to harass you or speak ill of you then the entities have free reign to do as they please to them.

Again, if you are one to regret easily do not add this bottle to your cart. It is charged with ill will for those that mean you harm. This oil WILL fight your battle even if you won't be in the room to witness it. I truly enjoyed creating this oil-far more than the others thus far.

There is not only graveyard dirt in this, but also other "not good at ALL" items. This oil was charged using multiple entities-none of them light. Full disclosure.

Once more: this oil is not something you should purchase if you stay on the fence. Get it and use it right away or keep it for when the day comes that it is needed.

Do NOT put this on your skin.

As with all things, magickal tools CAN be manipulated and if you intend it to be so, this oil can be used for your own personal intent outside of the realm I have created it for.

Remember, every product on this website is a tool to push you to heights you probably haven't imagined. The only blockage would be something you do to counteract the original intent.